Earlier in April, Mortal Kombat Online featured our Top 10 Hidden & Unlockable Characters, revisiting some of the best easter eggs and hidden fighters the series has had to offer. Among them was an honorable mention for the characters who have found their way into other franchise titles, but there was one very big appearance we didn't mention!

MKOmmunity member, , has submitted an intriguing find posted to YouTube by BatmanArkhamVideos, revealing Kano staging a one-man invasion of the DC Universe in Batman: Arkham City Lockdown!

Hidden in the Challenge Mode; the rogue Kombatant appears in an "EMP Challenge" that robs the Dark Knight of his famed gadgetry, forcing Batman to engage thugs in pure hand-to-hand fighting. Waiting at the third one-on-one fight is Kano, in the service of Deathstroke, wielding his trademark duel knives and a whole lot of bad attitude!

The reveal comes as a small surprise. NetherRealm Studios were instrumental in the development of Arkham City for the iOS platform, marking some of the first significant work the team has done on non-MK properties since their establishment post-Midway. The team continue to express interest in developing for properties other than the flagship Mortal Kombat series, with some rumors already circulating of another trist with the mutually owned Warner Brothers properties of DC Comics. These are, of course, still unsubstantiated rumors and to be no more believed than the hoax characters of yesteryear, also featured in April [read on].

Characters in the Arkham City game led to much speculation of a Mortal Kombat crossover, but this is the first and only conclusive proof of any such easter egg. It continues an association that began in 2008 with the moderately received crossover title, Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe.

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