Series co-creator and project lead Ed Boon sat down with Gamespot's On The Spot at the annual Game Developers Conference to discuss some of the more recently revealed aspects of the upcoming Mortal Kombat.

The video begins with Ed introducing the recently unveiled Challenge Tower mode [full story] and we receive a short demo of some of the missions. This includes a showcase of Sonya's special moves, which currently total five and include her trademark kiss and an Arc Kick, an anti-aerial type maneuver. We also get our first dose of Baraka in action, fighting in one of the challenges against Sonya with some of his trademark blade attacks.

A gray cyborg character's mugshot was present on one of the challenges, but whether or not this is Smoke remains to be seen. Ed did seemingly confirm once and for all that UMK3 character Rain would not be in the game, but left the possibility that he would later be available as a DLC addition to the roster. A "new" character was also unveiled simply named "Stunt Man" as he takes on Johnny Cage in one of the challenges.

The first appearance of Kano in action also comes in this video as he fights against Jax, performing his signature specials such as his knife toss and cannonball. In addition he performs his X-Ray attack, in which he stabs each of his opponent's thighs with his knives before delivering a straight kick to the face with his boot. With his end round taunt, he spits on the downed victim before stepping back. His classic heart rip fatality ends the match, with Kano reaching through the back of the opponent and ripping out the organ viciously.

Ermac also makes an appearance battling against Liu Kang, and a plethora of telekinetic specials are showcased. He has multiple versions of his slam, the classic in addition to other more elaborate ones. He retains his projectile and levitation slam abilities introduced in MK: Deception. He also talks up PS3 exclusive character Kratos. Though no footage was shown of him in action, he speaks of the amount of weapons Kratos will have at his disposal and that God of War fans should be pleased with his representation in the game as he'll carry many of his signature weapons from his home series.

Check out the video embedded above to watch the interview. The first 24 minutes contains the Ed Boon interview. You can also click here to visit Gamespot. Thanks to our many forum members who brought us this story!