You've seen the Kano Reveal Trailer - now thanks to Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios you can take a closer look at The Black Dragon mercenary in new high quality screenshots [thumbnails below]:

The aged and upgraded Kano looks better than ever as he battles versions of fellow klassic kombatants: Raiden & Sub-Zero!

Also on display in vivid detail is the new Jungle fighting locale revealed in the Kano trailer. Littered with crumbling ruins - the jungle offers clues to a forgotten Outworld race that once inhabited its lush surrounding.

NetherRealm Studios have released the shots as they head to Cologne, Germany for Gamescom 2014! The European invasion by Mortal Kombat X has also included a mammoth 8 page cover story in Germany's GamePro Magazine - where Kano first debuted his new look [full story].

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