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Gamescom: Features Trimmed in MKUniverse Interview with Ed Boon

This year's Gamescom played host to the first Mortal Kombat X demo featuring Kano -- but the klassic kombatant's pre-show reveal left few surprises for Cologne, Germany.

GamePro Magazine let the Black Dragon out of the bag early [full story], while online campaigns delivered an announce trailer, design render and high quality screenshots in time for Day 1. IGN scooped story and guest character notes, leaving local fan-site MKUNIVERSE the unenviable task of squeezing new details from keeper-of-secrets and Mortal Kombat X Creative Director: Ed Boon.

Mortal Kombat X Behind the Scenes Notes - Sounds, Sights

If you've ever wondered how NetherRealm Studios achieves a gruesomely full illusion with their over-the-top violence - Joystiq have demystified a crucial, but often overlooked element!

Gamescom: IGN Ed Boon Interview - Console Exclusives, Story Details

Ed Boon and the team from NetherRealm are in Cologne, Germany to show-off Mortal Kombat X at what is shaping up to be a memorable trade fair! IGN have spoken to Boon about the 2015 fighter in one of the first interviews to come out of 2014's Gamescom and they've uncovered a couple of interesting details!

While no details have come from Gamescom just yet - we've again been teased with the introduction of a new "-Ality" that will be revealed sometime in the near future. That's just the tip of an iceberg that gave us new story and character beats, as well as a bombshell about expected crossovers. Read on:

Reintroducing Kano - Official Mortal Kombat X Render

It's Gamescom season - and NetherRealm Studios are unleashing a Black Dragon bounty of new character assets! He officially debuted in a new trailer reveal narrated by Ed Boon, followed by new high quality screenshots. Now spy with your cybernetic eye another klassic character returning to Mortal Kombat X - the bad guy: Kano!

Gamescom: NetherRealm Release MKX Kano Screenshots

You've seen the Kano Reveal Trailer - now thanks to Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios you can take a closer look at The Black Dragon mercenary in new high quality screenshots [thumbnails below]:

Kano Goes Commando in New Narrated Trailer

With Gamescom 2014 just days away - NetherRealm Studios Creative Director Ed Boon has helmed a new character preview trailer starring Kano! The latest European timed exclusive comes courtesy of Eurogamer and features the klassic warrior first revealed by GamePro Magazine!

New Mortal Kombat X Details Coming at Gamescom

With Mortal Kombat X absent from this year's San Diego Comic Con, many fans have queried us about which event would bring the next big reveal. You asked - Creaitve Director Ed Boon has answered: