She represents the next generation of kombat - the daughter of Sonya Blade & Johnny Cage! We first met her during coverage of E3. Now get a closer look at the living sequel: Cassie Cage!

It seems Cassie has undergone some cosmetic changes since we last saw her in demo builds at E3. Of the new characters on show at the Expo, Cassie was the least prominent, absent from the explosive Sony Press Conference Trailer that kicked the show off. This suggests she may still be a work in progress, refining the right balance between the militancy of her mother, and the action hero style of her father.

The updates in this official render released by NetherRealm Studios certainly seems to capture the brash style of her father. A high undercut and bun are all the better to show-off her sunglasses (which she no doubt wears because her future is so bright).

Cassie Cage was absent from the first round of official screenshots, but can be seen in more detail in full E3 demo matches recorded by Gamespot! You can also take a similar closer look at new additions: D'Vorah, Ferra/Torr & Kotal Kahn!

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