He made a splash debuting during the Sony E3 Press Conference drinking the blood of his opponent. Take a closer look at the Aztec inspired "Blood God" called Kotal Kahn!

Kotal Kahn is the latest loading screen released by NetherRealm Studios. Both in high quality render and E3 gameplay demos - he's an exciting new addition to the Mortal Kombat X cast! We aren't the only ones taken with the unique presence of this neon war god: Departed NetherRealm Developer Hector Sanchez lamented the dream of this creation -- clearly the realization of a long held personal wish:

See more of Kotal Kahn in action in the first official MKX screenshots and in full match demos recorded at E3 by Gamespot! Get better acquainted with other new characters in render introductions for D'Vorah & Ferra/Torr.

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