Mortal Kombat X has invaded Cologne, Germany, where its one of the demo titles on the floor of Gamescom 2014! Creative Director Ed Boon has been dropping morsels of info to attending press, while on the online front - Kano has led the charge as the newest character reveal!

High quality gameplay screenshots and an official render have showed off the Black Dragon mercenary's new look. Now delve deeper into his fighting style with the latest Character Variation infopics:

We've seen these infographics for D'Vorah, Sub-Zero & Raiden, offering explanations for the different Character Variations that adapt play styles in Mortal Kombat X. Of course, the images not only describe the strengths and weaknesses via the developers themselves, but also highlight the visual tells that expose each version on sight.

Cutthroat: In the Cutthroat Variation, Kano has the ability to power up his attacks by pounding on his cybernetic heart. His knife fighting skills are also dramatically enhanced, allowing Kano to execute a number of unique kombos and attacks.

Cybernetic: The Cybernetic Variation unleashes Kano's eye laser and grenade arsenal, allowing him to strike from long range, extend kombos, and defend against aerial attacks. Perfect for zoning, Cybernetic allows Kano to attack from virtually any distance.

Commando: The Commando Variation transforms Kano into a highly-skilled grappler. He is able to counter both high and low attacks, forcing opponents to modify their tactics. Commando is all about grounding opponents and dominating them at close range.

Stay with us as we update subsequent Variations as they become available. If you really can't wait - learn more about Kano's modes in the Ed Boon narrated reveal trailer!

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