In a short few hours NetherRealm Studios will go live with the seventh episode of their Mortal Kombat X Kombat Kast via Twitch. Be with us to discuss all the highs and lows as you stream it right here and on the forum!

Creative lead Ed Boon dipped back into the scramble days to tease some clues: "slainho" "garnwum" "sheappins" & "gallofend".

Figuring out the first clue is especially easy with a Shaolin Trailer released. "Warmgun" may refer to gunslinging newcomer Erron Black. We're going to assume that's "Happiness" and not Apep Shins, but how that relates to "FallenGod" is anyone's guess. An allusion to Bo' Rai Cho, perhaps? A general state of pleasure amidst the bullets and carnage, perhaps?

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