It's official: Mortal Kombat X is coming to home systems April 14, 2015! The Tuesday launch will see the worldwide release reach PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 & PC. [Related Article: MOREtal Monday: Mortal Kombat X Box Art]

The long awaited release date was announced today with an even bigger bombshell attached - pre-orders will receive bonus playable DLC character: Goro! Take a closer look at the grizzled four-armed Shokan by clicking the image below:

Introduced in the original Mortal Kombat as a mascot sub-boss -- Goro is a 2000 year old half-man, half-dragon powerhouse from the realm of Outworld. For nine consecutive tournaments he reigned as Mortal Kombat Champion, before being dethroned by the fighting monk Liu Kang.

Goro is still well remembered within gaming circles for his intimidating rule over the original arcade cabinet. The hulking digitized character was achieved through stop-motion animation and articulated models. John Tobias explained in an interview with Mortal Kombat Online, "We wanted to have a brutish character as our boss and I remember thinking of the old Ray Harryhausen films like Jason and The Argonauts and their use of stop-motion animation as being the perfect remedy."

The original model was exhumed from series co-creator Ed Boon's basement in 2013 [full story], when the Chicago area succumbed to storm flooding. The same maquette appeared in a series of Goro Twitter teasers leading up to the recent announcement:

The download bonus will be Goro's first player controlled appearance since 2006's Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. He's been a rare inclusion in the main roster without cheat or hack options -- a Nintendo exclusive for Deception (2005), and part of the all-in gimmick of Mortal Kombat Trilogy (1996).

MK4 memorably brought Goro back to prominence as the sub-boss of that game. It is not presently known if Goro exists only as downloadable content, or will have another in-game role of a different kind.

Story implications remain wide open. Mortal Kombat X will boast a 25 year timeline, which we know will include the rise and fall of new Outworld Emperor: Kotal Kahn. Could the Shokan Prince Goro be one of several competing powers in the wake of Shao Kahn's death? It is unknown how pivotal the Outworld Throne is to the overarching story, or who the new arch-villain or boss will be.

Goro joins other klassic characters confirmed for an MKX return: Kano, Raiden & Scorpion. Cassie Cage leads the next generation of familiar fighters, with father Johnny Cage confirmed to be in the game, in some capacity.

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