It's Gamescom season - and NetherRealm Studios are unleashing a Black Dragon bounty of new character assets! He officially debuted in a new trailer reveal narrated by Ed Boon, followed by new high quality screenshots. Now spy with your cybernetic eye another klassic character returning to Mortal Kombat X - the bad guy: Kano!

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Kano is back in business looking a little older, and a little upgraded. All part of the charms of Mortal Kombat X and it's dramatic story-driven 25 year timespan!

Little is known about the Black Dragon mercenary's role in MKX, but the narrated character trailer reveals his Character Variation styles as Cutthroat, Cybernetic & Commando. Each mode packs a unique punch, offering specialist pros and cons that handle the kombat field in different ways!

Mortal Kombat Online is enjoying the refined simplicity of Kano's new design! Camouflage pants and a bare chest offers one of the most pared down designs for Kano - taking the crook/hunter mercenary gear of Special Forces and Deadly Alliance to an even more utilitarian, real-world conclusion. It's divorced from the cartoon gi of MK3 and MK2011 -- but not at the expense of the over-the-top cyborg augmentations that have been a trademark for the iconic fighter.

He looks right at home next to the grungy likes of newcomer(s) Ferra/Torr, and the militant minded second generation kombatant: Cassie Cage! Thinning hair and craggy, weathered look are a nice touch. The beard tie sits somewhere between pirate and Mickey Rourke. Simple. Evocative.

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