You know what they say about a fighter's shoe... It's a clue as to who they are! These boots are made for fighting and they're the latest Twitter tease from Mortal Kombat X Creative Director @noobde [aka; Ed Boon]. Note: Scroll to the bottom for new developments in the case!

The color-obscured fan bait came just in time, as a modest showing at PAX Prime stoked the fires of desire in a hungry audience. More footage of recent additions Raiden & Kano continued to promote the 2015 fighter, which featured the latest instalment in its reveal cycle earlier in the month at Gamescom.

Click To Enlarge: What's black and white and has six feet?...

With Mortal Kombat X promising the biggest cast of new playable characters -- the feet pictured may be clues to an unsolvable puzzle. That hasn't stopped fans trying to guess who the feet belong to, however, with design traits pointing the way to a shortlist of speculative stalwarts and requested returns.

We've entertained many potential theories and compared each boot to dozens of recent and past character designs. We haven't been able to rule out themes like second generation fighters, or never before seen fighters. These are just some of the notes being passed around the Mortal Kombat Online staff room:

Exhibit AExhibit A (Quan Chi)
Footprint Matches: Scorpion, Baraka
Kommunity Picks: Quan Chi, Havik, Reiko

Skulls are the type of macabre motif that can show up on just about any malevolent MK character! Scorpion has most identifiably worn skulls on his knees (or boots) throughout the previous generation. It started with the abstract skulls of Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, and continued with designs more similar to Exhibit A in both his primary and secondary 2011 looks. Also wearing this style in 2011 was Baraka, whose boot design included a very similar skull on the knee guard.

Reiko has never worn skulls, but his arguably definitive Armageddon design used that MK4 ending to fashion him in homage to Emperor Shao Kahn. Kahn is famous for his skull-faced helmet, and with the Outworld throne a subject MKX will tackle, a skull laden Reiko may be ripe for an all-new tribute tour!

Exhibit BExhibit B (Erron Black)
Footprint Matches: Scorpion, Jax
Kommunity Picks: Quan Chi, Kabal

Is it a coat hem, cape, or just indistinguishable background? The dark patch at the top of Exhibit B is potentially its most distinct feature. We couldn't match the strapped sturdy boot to any character in particular, but it does share traits in common -- notably the location of the straps -- with MKX's buckle frenzied Scorpion. Exhibit B appears more understated, however, diminishing that significance.

Kabal has been a popular fan pick, no doubt inspired by the impression of a long coat and the modern simplicity of the boot. Quan Chi possessed strapping in his 2011 foot attire, which was otherwise a simple leather pull on. The heft of Exhibit B calls back to Chi's Deadly Alliance look, but we see this as a non-specific.

Exhibit CExhibit C (Liu Kang)
Footprint Matches: Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Ashrah, Shujinko
Kommunity Picks: Fujin, Kai

The distinct binding and slipper of Exhibit C immediately conjures images of the fighting Shaolin Monks. Liu Kang has worn variations on the style throughout his existence, becoming more Shaolin and less Bruce Lee with his later appearances. Kung Lao shared the strapped Shaolin slipper in his 2011 alt. Their popularly requested MK4 allies - Kai & Fujin -- both have reasons to share this aesthetic, but haven't to date appeared in anything exactly like this.

The impression of scale has been a talking point for Mortal Kombat Online staff and fans alike. This foot certainly appears smaller in size. A young and/or female character are popular points of speculation that fit the generational themes of MKX's 25 year storyline. The bloodline of "The Great" Kung Lao introduced one of the first generational ideas through Liu Kang (and Kung Lao) in the original games. We haven't seen reincarnation as much as you might expect from a series constantly killing and resurrecting its characters. Liu Kang & Kung Lao both died in 2011 without any news of procreation. Being reborn could be an interesting possible twist.

Exhibit DExhibit D (Kitana)
Footprint Matches: Sheeva
Kommunity Picks: Tanya, Mileena

Split-toed footwear and a two-toed being are both distinct possibilities here. We've struggled to definitively say, one way or the other. The simple anklet speaks directly to Sheeva, whose designs universally leave her Shokan foot exposed with only shin/ankle guarding. The slight nature of Exhibit D most specifically harkens back to the original MK3 Sheeva, who wore modest silver anklets. A new Shokan daughter - perhaps of Goro or Sheeva - is a distinct possibility, but Sheeva never had the bulk of her male counterparts, so we're not jumping to conclusions based on scale.

In the event the tabi toe is built into a sock - we like a lot of the kommunity suggestions. The simple elegance of metal accoutrement on legging may fit a revamped design for much-requested Edenian ambassador's daughter Tanya. Other ninja-esque women like Kitana or Skarlet would also look at home in such attire.

Exhibit EExhibit E (Jax)
Footprint Matches: Jax, Quan Chi
Kommunity Picks: Kano, Tremor

There's an obvious military sensibility about the boot with spat and steel toe. Jax wore something similar in his 2011 alternate costume. The Special Forces Major is a natural for this type of gear, but he did suffer an untimely demise with many other heroes in the last game. Resurrections aren't out of the question, but like other picks, this could very well be a second generation or brand new fighter, rather than the obvious returning options.

Kano wears commando boots in his revealed MKX design. This could be a very suitable alternate costume. In the future of 25 years later, who knows what fashions have overtaken. Perhaps former cops or Earthrealm survivors have taken to wearing protecting boots. Tremor is an inescapable fan request whose Black Dragon ties could apply. The boot also bears some resemblance to Quan Chi in his unreleased MKvsDC design.

Exhibit FExhibit F (Kung Jin)
Footprint Matches: Chameleon, Scorpion
Kommunity Picks: Shinnok, Ermac

Despite the agonizing sense we've seen these shin guards before, no specific reference came to us at the time of this writing. The strapped-on look of rigid guards recalls MK4's ninja designs, and the simple orientation of what appears to be an emblem is vaguely reminiscent of Armageddon's retro-inspired Chameleon. A similar design was worn on the knees by Khameleon in her Nintendo exclusive 2006 appearance. We're really grasping at straws with that one, though.

The vague appearance of the logo raises suggestions of Ermac's recent designs, or even Sheeva's MK2011 Draco medallion - give or take an appendage. The popular choice of the community has been Shinnok, but we can't say there's any specific reference to the fallen Elder God in anything picture here.

The presence of something very close to the leg -- another warrior's leg, or an obscured weapon -- is of little help. We can't confidently identify what it is, suggesting perhaps a trick of perspective and another warrior back to back, or beside the foreground subject. Someone with a female ally, perhaps? We don't know!

Update Sep. 17: Are these new characters or are they old? The big man has revealed the six characters featured are a mixture of old and new! This confirms many suspicions, but only broadens the speculation!

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