On Friday the 13th we learned the first of two guest fighters coming to Mortal Kombat X downloadable content: Jason Voorhees. Now thanks to Mortal Kombat X: Premium Edition updates on Xbox Marketplace the second can be confirmed:

Note: Art not representative of Mortal Kombat X.

1987 action movie classic Predator introduced the world to a highly skilled alien hunter [pictured above] who terrorized the jungles of fictional nation - Val Verde. A technologically advanced and tactically intelligent alternative to 20th Century Fox's Alien Xenomorph; The Predator is all about the art of combat! Crossover culture has seen Predators tangle with their Alien counterparts, Batman, Superman, Judge Dredd & The Terminator!

The Kombat Pack listing confirms Jason Voorhees, The Predator and two unrevealed classic Mortal Kombat characters. Buying the pack grants early access to these additional playable characters, as well as 15 character skins - including the Samurai Pack.

The Predator went toe-to-toe with the US Special Forces in the original film utilizing stealth and guile. Now another Predator will test their skills against the kombatants of Earthrealm, Outworld and beyond, and two generations of Special Forces led by action star Johnny Cage!

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