NetherRealm Studios' commitment to the competitive eSports scene established a new era for their flagship series with Mortal Kombat (2011). In 2015, the next generation of kombat takes the fight a step further with the ESL Mortal Kombat Pro League!

The ESL League will draw from the world's top competitive players, taking advantage of ESL's global eSports infrastructure to offer tournament challenges to players from North America, Russia, The United Kingdom & Europe! April begins with The Fatal 8 exhibition tournament -- an invitational bracket launching the pre-season with a high calibre face-off in Mortal Kombat X!

Pre-season cups begin April 19th to give players a chance to come to grips with the game - released officially on April 14th (US). Then the action ramps up May 3rd with the launch of the official ESL Pro League! Players will compete for weekly $1,000 prize pools and accumulate points to contest the Global Finals in July!

The Fatal 8 stream live from the ESL America Studios in Burbank, California at 2PM PDT - today (April 11th)! You'll be able to witness the action live as it streams via Twitch and discuss the ins and outs of the game, blow by blow, on the forums. The bracket promises a compelling show:

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Perched at the top of The Fatal 8 elimination bracket is CR_SonicFox! The young upstart took the tournament scene by storm in 2014, overwhelming players with a natural aptitude, and infectious energy! He was crowned Injustice 2014 Evo World Champion when he shocked Pig of the Hut with a clean sweep, fighting out of the losers bracket 6-0. He also took top honors in the Mortal Kombat Evo Side Tournament co-sponsored by Mortal Kombat Online, emerging as unofficial World Champion. The relegated status of MK at last year's Evo has some questioning whether SonicFox is a pretender to the throne. In the minds of others, his name echoes deafeningly like a raging storm on the horizon of a new era!

2-time Evo World Champion Perfect Legend will be looking to slow the sugar rush of the next generation - re-emerging as a new recruit for sponsor Team Razer. MIT represents the Evo winning Terry bloodline - his brother Denzel the 2013 Champion. Tony-T travels from distant Australia, bringing a different international flavour to the UK's Mustard & Prodigal Son. Forever King & Tyrant have been stalwarts of the scene and could prove the difference as the Fatal 8 begin the culling!

Watch Live on Mortal Kombat Online at 2PM PDT:

Which player will take Fatal 8 bragging rights? Register to share your thoughts and predictions on Mortal Kombat X and dedicated Gameplay & Matchmaking forum! Support the ESL Pro League by picking up the Blue Steel Sub-Zero DLC after April 14th!