From nearly two hundred competitors, an elite field of sixteen emerged from day one of competition in the National Mortal Kombat Tournament!

Staged and sponsored by Peformance Design Products in the Las Vegas Ballys Hotel and Casino; day two of the tournament was all business as it set about the very simple task of finding a US Mortal Kombat Champion worthy of the $10,000 grand prize and title of Supreme Champion!

For MK, the tournament has been a positive affirmation of the series' readiness to join the ranks of competitive fighting tournaments, supported by NetherRealm Studios' efforts to reinvent a classic style of gameplay in Mortal Kombat. With a position for the game at Evo 2011 already confirmed, the PDP tournament provides a main event preview of things to come in the MK tournament scene!

Evo stalwarts who've mastered popular, rival Capcom games were well represented in the final sixteen of the PDP National MK tour, leaving few overly surprised by the eventual victory of Justin Wong, aka; Jwonggg -- world champion of games like Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Street Fighter IV, and, yes. Recipient of that Daigo combo!

Wong beat out fellow seasoned player FLoE for the top spot and major purse! With a total prize pool of $21,000, runners up certainly weren't going home empty handed! Second place fetched a tidy $4,500, while the rest of the top eight enjoyed dividends down to $500.

As it had through the majority of rounds, the tournament hosted a flurry of Kung Lao players, with Ermac, Raiden, and Cyrax adding some colour to the roster of the most used. The seventh-placed Michelangelo deserves special note for his contributions as Kabal, proving there's still plenty of versatility and depth to be found in the MK roster!

The top eight winners [via] were:

  • 1. Justin Wong ($10,000)
  • 2. FLoE ($4,500)
  • 3. LI Joe ($2,500)
  • 4. Fubarduck ($1,500)
  • 5. Perfect Legend ($750)
  • 6. Trophy Club ($750)
  • 7. Michelangelo ($500)
  • 8. Ike S. ($500)

You can find video archives of the entire streamed event via TeamSpooky, with more bytes expected to come from

As services return to the PlayStation Network [full story], stay tuned to Mortal Kombat Online for more competitive action as MKO Fight Klub unfolds the forums! Just back from Las Vegas? Be it of hardluck or triumph, be sure to share your $10,000 story from the PDP National Tournament!