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Third Mortal Kombat Movie Rumors
In response to the growing rumors about the third Mortal Kombat movie going around, DArqueBishop contacted Chris at Threshold Entertainment reguarding the matter. His response is as follows: "The answer I must give is, `We are not announcing who is writing the third MK movie right now.' I can also tell you the one thing third movie WILL NOT BE NAMED, is Domination. We have contacted IMDB and told them we'd love to give them factual info...". So, despite what IMDB states, the writer and title for the next movie has not been announced yet.
Merry Christmas! Celebrating 3 years of coverage.
Well what can we say - Surprise? Today marks the third anniversary of! It's really hard to believe that three years ago this minute we opened up our website for the first time. What you see in front of you now is our new design that has actually been in the works for months. You won't believe how hard it has been for all of us to keep the secret for so long. This entire website has been re-made from scratch. This is our special Christmas present to you, our fans, who have kept us going through out the years. We will continue as Mortal Kombat 5 draws near to bring you the best coverage of the game. Well enough jibber jabber.... Here's a list of all of our new features and updates that you will find on this site:

- Join our siteand make your own buddy list, IM your friends, and chat on our new discussion forum!
- Now comment on every news story on the front page! Check out our new monthly news archive!
- Check our own completely NEW Mortal Kombat Classic Section! Also our new Mortal Kombat Advance Section!
- Check our new MK5 updated preview by Jason Rainwater!
- Check out our About Us Section and see all of our previous layouts!
- welcomes D'Arque Bishop to our staff as our new editor! Thanks for all your help

We hope you enjoy all of this hard work! Don't hesitate to sign up for now and begin using our new discussion forum and buddy list features. We are only human, so if you encounter any bugs please contact usimmediately. That wraps it up for us. We wish you a wonderful and safe holiday season!

New Image - Christmas Present from Midway
It seems that Midway has decided to give us an early Christmas present. Below is the new image given to us. Click on it to see a larger version, or visit Midway's site here. Midway has indicated that their "breaking news" site will be releasing more information in the very near future, so if you haven't already done so, Click Here to sign up!
Update on Mortal Kombat 'V' information
Planet MK has done some investigating for us. Even though our source's Russian magazine does exist- GameLand, the team at the magazine never heard of a person called Ilya Petrovich, name of the source who sent this information to us last evening . Also GameLand never claimed to have exclusive info on the next Mortal Kombat game. The origins of the logo remain unknown. Maybe it's a fake, but it might be something created by Midway as a teaser. We'll keep you informed as this story develops. We still have reason to believe however that Sonya Blade is confirmed and that they will be dropping the sub-title in the next Mortal Kombat game regardless if the title includes a V or not. Below is the logo we received. Click for a larger version.

Click for larger version

Also we have received another tip that some special assets from Midway might be released to the public in the next day or two. Keep on the look out. As for information we report on this website - We will report anything that seems legit. Our job is to keep you informed and this includes rumors like the above. Always know that nothing at our website, or any other site, can not be proven true unless Midway sends out a press release of some kind.

Exclusive: Sonya Blade to return in Mortal Kombat 'V'
We have just received an exclusive tip from a person who claims to be a staff member of a Russian magazine. According to him a local russian publisher sent them some info and media for the next Mortal Kombat game. The working title appears to be Mortal Kombat V - dropping any thought sub-title for this next installment. The logo that was attached to the e-mail we received looked legit. Their information also includes a few confirmed characters - Scorpion, Sub Zero, Sonya Blade, and Quan Chi. Our source would like to keep his credentials in secret and the magazine that he represents - thanks to our affiliates at Planet MK for checking that this magazine was indeed authentic. At the time of contact Midway would neither confirm or deny our findings.

Also our source has received the Mortal Kombat Video Teaser from E3 last May and promised to send it our way. We should have screen captures on our site in the near future.