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Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance song chosen?
According to the website Dark Horizons, which deals with movie news and rumors, has a potential scoop concerning a song being produced which they originally thought was for the third MK film. From the page:

The Adema song 'Immortal' is NOT for the third film after all, but rather the upcoming game "Deadly Alliance". They'll be playing at the upcoming E3 games conference.

Now, I must stress that this information is as yet unconfirmed, but it would tie in with the news from the first Game Informer story which said that a band was making a song especially for Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. Hopefully we will know more as E3 gets closer. Click here for the original link and story.

Our thanks to Jamesman for the heads-up on this scoop!

New Images at MK:DA Website!
The official Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance website has updated with three new images, one of which answers a long-standing question! One image is a screenshot of Kung Lao fighting Blind Kenshi, and another is of Jax fighting Scorpion, as seen in the recent EGM and PSM magazines. The third is a render of the masked Sub-Zero, who sports the trademark scar over his right eye. This should answer any lingering questions as to which Sub-Zero he is...

MK5.ORG: Live From E3 2002
We are proud to announce's first LIVE coverage of the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California! Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, now only four months from release, will make its long awaited debut at the show. Join us May 22-24, as D'Arque Bishop will be live from the show floor bringing you the first impressions and photos directly to you, our readers. is committed to bring you the most up to date reports of MK: Deadly Alliance during the week of E3. Each day we will be posting galleries of snapshots from the show and from Midway's booth. These will be updated in conjunction with our MK: DA E3 Coverage section. Remember our live coverage begins on May 22nd! For the the best Mortal Kombat coverage ever imaginable, you'll find it right here.


Stick to to May 22-24!
Game Informer MK: Deadly Alliance preview in June issue!
The June 2002 issue of Game Informer Magazine, in a continued effort of bringing exclusive information to it's readers, will feature another preview of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. The article will feature information on two new characters. One will be a female character with a very revealing outfit , the other a combatant who has yet to be announced. Also there will be an image of Malvado and Blind Kenshi battling it out. The June issue should be hitting newsstands approximately in two weeks.

Thanks to Ivan Georgiev who brought to our attention a forum post made by subzero1022 that got this update rolling!

Three New Pictures on MK:DA Website!
Following the trend of Friday updates, the official Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance website has updated with three new images, two of them screenshots! The first picture is a pencilled storyboard detailing the origins of Blind Kenshi. The second image is a mid-fight screenshot of Shang Tsung uppercutting Scorpion. The third image is a closeup of Sub-Zero previously seen in the Game Informer article. From the pose and the energy bars above, one can assume that this may be one of his win poses.