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Scorpion Battles White Ranger in Super Beat Down
Scorpion Battles the White Ranger in Live-Action Fan Vote!

Everybody's favourite ninja from Hell is set to star in the next instalment of live-action web series: Super Power Beat Down! The Machinima affiliate show pits super powered pop culture icons against one another in a fan debated arena.

Hosted by Marisha Ray, the web show packs its real punch with live-action performances of the super powered battles. Scorpion will find himself going toe-to-toe with a less common fantasy fight adversary in the form of the original White Ranger! SPBD have released previews of the Mortal Kombat and Power Rangers adversaries via their production Facebook:

Fans can vote to influence the outcome by visiting the Super Power Beat Down website. Voting for Scorpion v White Ranger ends September 1st!

Scorpion reached the Semi Finals of this year's Mortal Kombat Online Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion tournament. He was pipped at the post by controversial eventual winner Smoke.

For a taste of the type of quality you can expect, check out the live-action battle from Episode 3 of the series: Injustice: Gods Among Us hero and soon-to-be-Affleck Batman taking on Marvel's movie berzerker Wolverine.

Scorpion will once again be the subject of live-action material on Machinima when Mortal Kombat: Legacy II debuts in September! Brace yourself for action and discuss all live-action forms in the Media & Merchandise forum! Tell us who should win [like we can't guess...]!

Kommunity: The Kode of Motor Kombat - ABACABB
Motor Kombat - Should cars really have blood modes enabled?...

Thanks to @mineisbroken; this one comes from the extended MKOmmunity on Twitter [follow: @MK_Online]. We're sure you'll agree, [@FillEffect's plates] show a level of commitment that is both outstanding, and riddled with uncomfortable and wildly inappropriate implications when taken to a logical conclusion.

Younger fans - and those who never played Mortal Kombat for the Sega Genesis - might not know the significance of this particular "selfy". Here's a clue: It isn't Ohio.

The original MK console ports didn't deliver the splashes of cartoon blood that made the arcade game(s) infamous. While Nintendo played fast and loose with substitute fluids, Sega sparked controversy and a need for parental ratings by hiding the blood option behind a now immortal input code: ABACABB!

The code had to be hit at just the right time on a special screen during the game start up. True to the martial arts mythology of the original Mortal Kombat, the screen teased the existence of this and other codes through mysteriouso dialogue:

The word 'code' has many different definitions. The shaolin martial arts tournament is governed by a system of rules of conduct ethical code.

The combatants respect each other as warriors, no matter what degree of hatred they have for one another... a code of honor.

Another type of code could be defined as an arbitrary system of symbols or letters for transmitting messages... a secret code.

Mortal Kombat adheres to many codes, but does it contain one?

Blood has long since become par for the course in violent video games. making a blood mode code seem somewhat quaint. Options still exist to toggle blood on and off in game menus, but that fact is probably a better kept secret than the Genesis code ever was!

Got something cool to share with us? Submit your kombat kreations to the Fan Submission System and join thousands of others in our extensive MK Fan Submission archive. Join the extended MKOmmunity by liking us on Facebook and following @MK_Online.

Injustice DLC: History of Zatanna Featurette
Zatanna puts a backwards spell on Injustice!

It's not quite the entire fifty year history of the character wrapped up in 100-odd seconds, but if you're brand new to Zatanna, perhaps moving pictures will make you feel a bit better about the top hat and fishnets. She's a stalwart of the Justice League, but to you and I, she's the latest downloadable character to join Injustice: Gods Among Us.

As noted in video and previously on Mortal Kombat Online -- Zatanna is a second generation magic character based on her paternal predecessor Zatana. A far bigger star than her in-fiction father -- who first appeared alongside Superman in Action Comics #1 -- she has gone on to play alongside pivotal heroes in various events.

Zatanna is the sixth DLC character, now available individually through PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 & Nintendo WIi U stores for a value of $4.99. You can learn more about Zatanna from the archived NetherRealm Studios Live Stream Demo or from the Zatanna Gameplay trailer. Discuss these topics and more on the DC Universe Injustice forum.

Injustice DLC: History of Martian Manhunter Featurette
A spotlight on beloved Justice League icon: Martian Manhunter.

Calling it a history might be a bit of a misnomer, but for anyone who hasn't taken the plunge into one of the most beloved Justice League heroes in the DC canon -- this Martian Manhunter featurette might be a nice, soft introduction.

Martian Manhunter was the fifth DLC character to come from Injustice: Gods Among Us; the first since the conclusion of the DLC Season Pass. Released July 30th, he's available in online stores for $4.99.

Get the low down from the developers themselves in the archived NetherRealm Studios Martian Manhunter Live Stream. You can get more of a preview from the Gameplay trailer. Discuss these topics and more in the DC Universe Injustice forum.

Injustice DLC: Zatanna Developer Preview Stream
Zatanna Live Stream with NetherRealm Studios: Monday!

The mistress of magic Zatanna is the sixth playable character coming to Injustice: Gods Among Us downloadable content! Before she hits online stores August 13 (Tuesday) -- the fine folks at NetherRealm Studios will host a live online preview of the character!

The stream (embedded above) will go live Monday (August 12) at 8:00PM CST. Be sure to join us on the forums to share your impressions and reactions. Update: Full stream archive now embedded in article [above].

Zatanna, like all characters, will be available for $4.99 as an individual purchase. As with Martian Manhunter this is an individual purchase only and is not part of the Season Pass.

Injustice DLC: Zatanna Gameplay Trailer
Zatanna arrives in Injustice: Gods Among Us CLD? DLC!

S'ehs eno fo eht CD Sesrevinu tseb nwonk cigam seoreh dna s'ehs gnignirb reh kramedart backwards spells ot Ecitsujni: Sdog Gnoma Su! Yeh otserp! S'ti Annataz!

The most iconic members of the Justice League continue to assemble as Zatanna joins the playable roster as the sixth downloadable content addition! Her magic arsenal is on full display in the announcement trailer [above].

Coming August 13; Zatanna is the second individually released character since the Season Pass, following fellow fan-favourite inclusion Martian Manhunter. Like all the previous download characters, she will be individually sold for $4.99.

According to Creative Director Ed Boon -- who held a poll on twitter for a small selection of characters -- the magician was second in popularity only to the shockingly omitted Martian.

Static proved next popular -- a character originally part of the African-American focused Milestone Comics line, before being folded into the DC Universe in 2008 as part of an official merger. DC Comics had previously served as publisher and distributor for the group, founded in 1993 by the late Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan. The Static character is best remembered from his starring role in the animated series Satic Shock.

Zatanna has had her own on-going presence in animated series, having been one of the few heroes to find her way into the now classic Batman: The Animated Series, before returning in Justice League Unlimited. A youthful version recently featured in Young Justice, supplanted by her paternal predecessor, Zatara. Zatara -- a somewhat unremarkable character in the mould of Lee Falk's classic Mandrake the Magician -- holds the distinction of being the other character to debut in Action Comics #1 [opposite Superman]. Moral of the story: read a comic, punk.

Zatanna, of course, has a lengthy comic book history of her own, not at all overshadowed in her 1964 debut in Hawkman #4. An issue that not only introduces Zatanna, but once again reinforces the importance of Hawkman to all you silly young pups. Zatanna's been a charter member of the Justice League since the seventies and has done all kinds of things, including erase peoples memories, hang out with Batman, and make magic and top hats cool.

The notion of magic as a "weakness" is pretty darn silly, but we're sure Zatanna will do a great job of battling Superman and his Injustice Regime, regardless! Ezilamron Namrepus!

Find a whole lot more from Gods Among Us in the DC Universe Injustice forum! Talk backwards about all things DC and just generally amuse yourselves in the most annoying way possible.

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