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Mortal Kombat Environment Bio #01 - The Pit!

The MKCommunity manager has posted the first in a presumable series of biographies featuring the various stages and arenas in the upcoming Mortal Kombat. The first featured is the iconic Pit!

Midway Posts MK:SM Wasteland Koncept Art and Music!

Once again, Cinder of the Midway Boards has posted more concept materials from the upcoming action/adventure game Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks! This time, instead of focusing on a character, Midway has posted koncept art and a sixteen second clip of music from MK:SM's rendition of one of Mortal Kombat II's classic arenas, the Wasteland.

Midway Posts Koncept Art of MK: Shaolin Monks Dead Pool!

Over on the Midway Boards, Cinder has come through again with another piece of koncept art from Midway's upcoming Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks! This time, he posted something a little bit different; instead of posting character art, he posted koncept art of the MK:SM version of one of Mortal Kombat II's most popular arenas: the Dead Pool!

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