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Mortal Kombat X Around The World - Expo News, Cameos, Story

As we saw with the release of the Mortal Kombat X Announce Trailer in June - the 10th instalment of MK is a global phenomenon! This was highlighted by a packed weekend campaign that saw NetherRealm Studios scattered across the globe for live events in: Russia, Australia & Mexico!

The major story across all events was the trailer reveal of Quan Chi! The returning fighter has been displayed in demo builds in each country, bringing fresh mysteries with him! These are a few of the top stories coming out of Igromir 2014, EB Expo 2014 & Electronic Game Show Mexico!

Reintroducing Quan Chi - Official Mortal Kombat X Render

Mortal Kombat X is in far Moscow for Igromir 2014! The "gaming world" expo is where PlayStation unveiled the latest returning character in a live press conference trailer [full story]. Quan Chi is back and he's got a bad ass new look you can examine in detail in the official character render:

Mortal Monday
01/30/2023 06:00 PM EST
Soul Stream
02/09/2023 05:00 PM EST
Realm Kast
02/23/2023 05:00 PM EST
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