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Netherrealm Studios Release Part 1 of Second MKast!

Despite a processing issue on Youtube, Netherrealm Studios have released part one of the second installment of the MKast onto their official Facebook Page with the Youtube version expected to follow suit shortly once the technical issues get corrected.

Netherrealm Studios Releases First New MKast!

By popular demand, the guys at Netherrealm Studios have released the first in a new series of MKasts! MKasts are their series of podcasts about upcoming Mortal Kombat games. This new season of MKasts is different in that it's done in video, with hosts Hector Sanchez and Hans Lo sitting in a "fireside" setting while footage from the new MK is shown.

The Return of MKast!

Back in 2008, a series of audio releases from the MK team referred to as MKasts were released to hype up the then in development Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. The events were typically between 25 to 30 minutes long and discussed various aspects of the upcoming game, including gameplay, storyline and the release schedule for information. These events were hosted by Hans Lo and Hector Sanchez and regularly featured various guests, including Ed Boon.