By popular demand, the guys at Netherrealm Studios have released the first in a new series of MKasts! MKasts are their series of podcasts about upcoming Mortal Kombat games. This new season of MKasts is different in that it's done in video, with hosts Hector Sanchez and Hans Lo sitting in a "fireside" setting while footage from the new MK is shown.

This particular MKast was filmed some weeks ago, right before the MK team moved out of the old Midway offices to their new studio. Most of the discussion revolved around information previously already seen, with some insider talk about discussion of how new fatalities are made, feedback from the fans, and other items. Two items of note that were revealed were that the privately shown videos of gameplay and fatalities that were shown at E3 would not make it to the general public, and that the official website would become more of a community site, with forums and other features. At the end of the video, they answered questions from Twitter, and encouraged the fans to submit questions to Hector's and Hans's official Twitters.

For your convenience, the MKast is embedded below.