Despite a processing issue on Youtube, Netherrealm Studios have released part one of the second installment of the MKast onto their official Facebook Page with the Youtube version expected to follow suit shortly once the technical issues get corrected.

This particular MKast has been split into four parts. Partly due to the time restrictions on video uploading. Hector Sanchez and Hans Lo are joined this time by a few of the game designers John Edwards, Paulo Garcia and Brian LeBaron.

Discussed in this episode is the progess made from the E3 Build to the PAX Build. Talk about character balancing and balance hooks is also present. This segment is also laced with some gameplay moments showcasing some of the Tag Team combos you can create.

To view the new MKast for yourself please click here.

Update #1: Youtube have seemingly rectifyed their technical issues and the MKast is now available to watch over on the official Mortal Kombat Channel.