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Mortal Kombat at PAX 2010!

Mortal Kombat is making a major media stop at this year's PAX in Seattle. The conference got underway today and the first images are appearing on the major media outlets covering the event. Known to be attending are Kotaku and GamesRadar so far.

More on the MK Shaolin Monks Strategy Guide
Over at you can now pre-order the strategy guide to MK: Shaolin Monks. They've got it listed for $11.55 and they have the release date listed as September 27, 2005. As mentioned in a previous update here, the strategy guide by Prima will include a free CD. Check out the cover:
To check out the whole pre-order page, click here. Thanks a lot to MK Online forum/chat guy DECEPTION for the word on this update!

Update: An even better version of the cover can be found here, thanks to MK Online chatter/forum poster fraysol for this part of the update!
Fatal Friday
07/30/2021 08:00 PM EDT
Sunday School
08/01/2021 08:00 PM EDT
Evo 2021 Online World Championship
08/06/2021 03:01 AM EDT
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