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Parlofoil Book Group have announced the release of a new series of novel adaptations based on the characters and properties of Mortal Kombat. Authored by New York Times Best Selling Writer James Patterson, a series of six novels will retell the story of Outworld's invasion, reimagined as a sci-fi investigative thriller.

The first novel, entitled simply Mortal Kombat, will reimagine the threat of Outworld as an interdimensional throwback to ancient Earth, where portions of the supercontinent Gondwana was teleported away before continental shift divided the Earth. It seems likely a parallel history will have evolved in Outworld, before the continent returns to the modern day.

Like the recent Rebirth movie reel, which gave way to the announcement of the upcoming live-action digital series [full story]; Sonya and Jax take centre stage in roles loosely inspired by their video game counterparts. Kano is also announced to appear in a sequel book, suggesting they will continue to appear as the novels spin-out into individual stories.

Special hardcover editions of the novel will be released April 19, two days before softcover releases go on sale globally. The special edition also includes a foreword by Stephen King!

(Press Release) NEW YORK - April 1, 2010 - PARLOFOIL Book Group is excited to announce a new partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment that will bring together best selling author JAMES PATTERSON and beloved American video game legacy MORTAL KOMBATĀ®.

The collaboration will begin with the first in a series of six novels, designed to introduce characters including SONYA BLADE, LIU KANG, SCORPION and SUB ZERO before branching out into their individual stories in subsequent releases.

MORTAL KOMBAT introduces the complete world of the video game as reimagined by James Patterson -- writer of best selling crime-fiction novels including ALONG CAME A SPIDER and KISS THE GIRLS. His unique vision brings gritty realism and a strong sense of characters to the characters fans know and love.

The story begins with expert forensic pathologist SONYA BLADE who is called upon to investigate suspicious malformed remains uncovered in the Nevada Desert by Homicide Detective JAX BRIGGS. When other remains begin appearing across the world and strange unnatural phenomenon interrupts world communications and continental stability -- SONYA and JAX are recruited by the US Government into a secret team of international investigating officers known as R.A.Y.D.E.N. The world of Mortal Kombat unfolds from there, revealing the impending invasion of an evolved sub-species of humans who once inhabited the outer regions of Gondwanaland before electromagnetic disturbances caused time and space to bend around it.

MORTAL KOMBAT: THE RISE OF MU and MORTAL KOMBAT: EYE SPY will follow in the third and fourth quarter of 2011, introducing new and old characters into the unfolding adventures of SONYA BLADE and the heroes of MORTAL KOMBAT. Subsequent stories include the rise of an eco-terrorist group known as AQUA, and the return of vile murderer KANO.

MORTAL KOMBAT launches April 19 and first run hardcover editions of the novel will go on sale with a special foreword by renowned thriller novelist, STEPHEN KING. April 21 will then see the world wide release of softcover editions to coincide with the release of the hit new video game. For additional information visit www.PARLOFOIL.com and www.JamesPatterson.com

Both the Mortal Kombat novel and game are on sale April 19. Release of softcover editions will coincide with the European release of the game, April 21st. For more reading, you should now be able to find the Official Mortal Kombat Prima Guide in standard and collector's editions. For more information, follow the story.

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