After a big character reveal at Evo 2014; NetherRealm Studios may be giving San Diego Comic Con a miss this year -- but that doesn't mean Mortal Kombat X hasn't had an impact!

Mezco Toyz used the pop culture mecca to announce their acquisition of rights to a an all-new line of Mortal Kombat X 6" action figures! Coming 2015 -- no moulds were on display, but the Dragon Logo was clear to see in the Mezco booth.

Kome Out To Play: Mezco SDCC Booth Announces 2015 Line! [via Toy News International]

The announcement speaks to a shift in targets for the Warner Brothers directed action figure line -- previously made accessible to a wide range of age groups under Jazwares.

Mezco describe themselves as "Toys for Kids of All Ages" -- the maturing end of the scale reflected in many of the licenses displayed in booth at Comic-Con.

Taking pride of place in the Mezco area are high quality, photo likenesses inspired by popular adult cable programmes: Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy. Also featured -- The Dark Knight Returns in a bulky, super-articulated incarnation that pays faithful homage to the Batman mini-series by artist Frank Miller!

Pictured right [via the appropriately named Kastor's Korner]: the Batman figures don't just tip the hat to our DC Injustice cousins -- they show the range of imagination and scale offered in Mezco's work. Anyone hoping for a hefty hunk of plastic in the shape of Ferra/Torr should feel excited!

It's fair to say the delicate realism of their TV based figures will have a big role to play in a line inspired by hyper-realistic, hi-def gaming. In fact, it addresses one of the most common complaints of Jazwares' generation of sculpts -- the human face. If some of our favourite aging heroes manage to factor in, this attention to detail could come in especially handy!

Toy News International report the Mortal Kombat X series is expected to be 6", with an estimated 17-20 points of articulation. Price point pending. More news is expected at next year's Toy Fair.

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