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NetherRealm Studios Kombat Kast Live Stream Archive - Brutality

Mortal Kombat X will be back in brutal action later today when NetherRealm Studios go live on Twitch! The stream is scheduled to begin at 3:00PM CST and will unveil the return of the Brutality! Be on Mortal Kombat Online to immortalize all your reactions to all the action on the forum:

Next Developer Live Stream Archived - Kitana vs Reptile

NetherRealm Studios has announced the next date for their Mortal Kombat X live stream. The next Kombat Kast takes place Thursday, February 12th!

Mortal Kombat X: Next Generation Trailer

Mortal Kombat X introduces a new generation of fighters, story and experience when it arrives for home consoles, April 14! Players will enter the battle with a whole new array of characters and modes to choose from - as previewed in this exciting new trailer!

NetherRealm Studios Mortal Kombat X Live Stream - Ermac

Mortal Kombat X will be in action later today when NetherRealm Studios go live on Twitch! The stream is scheduled to begin at 3:00PM CST and will reveal another character new to the 2015 fighter! Be on Mortal Kombat Online to immortalize all your reactions on the forum:

Official Mortal Kombat X Live Stream This Wednesday

Fans eager to see Mortal Kombat X in action will get their next chance this coming Wednesday, when NetherRealm Studios run a live Twitch stream demo: November 5th, 3:00PM CST!

Mortal Kombat X Wins KeyArt Awards Silver Statue

The announcement trailer for Mortal Kombat X has taken runners-up honors at the 2014 Hollywood Reporter KeyArt Awards receiving Silver!

Kommunity: The Mortal Kombat ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Dumping buckets of ice water over ones head may seem like an unlikely cultural phenomenon -- but when it's in the service of raising awareness for a paralysing neurodegenerative disease - it makes a whole lot of sense.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been much more than a mere viral phenomenon. In August; The New York Times reported a $13.3 million ALS Association donation total, coming from 260,000 contributors between July 29 and August 17. The figure was a staggering rise from $1.7 million donated the same time, one year earlier.

Prominent members of the Mortal Kombat kommunity - including series co-creator and Mortal Kombat X Creative Director Ed Boon, as well as the team at NetherRealm Studios - have rallied behind the cause to put the ice of Sub-Zero to good use. Check them out below:

Speculation: Mortal Kombat X - The Greatest Hits?

Mortal Kombat X may have been an instant global phenomenon, but Rome wasn't built in a day! A lot of hard work goes into making these games and it looks like the team at NetherRealm Studios have been burning the midnight oil!

Project Lead Ed Boon tweeted out a couple of pics last night: one of them the clock reading 2:50AM! That's either a seriously cryptic clue, or some serious dedication! He also shared an image of the office after dark -- and its that image that really has our attention!

Hector Sanchez Leaving NetherRealm Studios

Producer Hector Sanchez has announced his impending departure from NetherRealm Studios via twitter today. His next destination is as yet unknown.

Kountdown: 10 Things Mortal Kombat has to be Thankful For!

The inescapable echo of turkey gobbling can mean only one of two things: either someone's cracked out Mortal Kombat II for a little retro revenge, or there are thanks to be given in the MK homeland!

We understand not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving this time of year, but in the spirit of MK's origins and the general act of well wishing, we hope you'll oblige. Afterall, Mortal Kombat fans have had a lot to be thankful for in the last couple of years!

#10 Mortal Kosplay
We kinda missed the boat on Halloween, so why not start simple?
The influx of interest in Mortal Kombat has been a boon [see what I did there?] to fans of dressing up as their favourite kick-butt characters. This kostume kombat phenomenon goes well beyond the thrills of Halloween and officially endorsed costumes, extending to some of the world's biggest pop culture events and contests. There have been official models endorsed, too, as I'm sure you've managed to notice.

As an enlightened bastion of modern thinking, Mortal Kombat Online would never think to stoop to merely objectifying the female cosplayers among us, but that doesn't mean we aren't as thankful for the Kitana and Jades of the world, as much as Scorpion and Sub-Zero. Not to mention some of the less usual suspects! Check out the MKOmmunity's own keruuu (and friend) rocking a seriously bad ass Kung Lao and Nightwolf combo! [pictured right]

Yes, yes. Mileena, too. Perverts...

#9 The Fans
You can't have a wave of living tributes in costume without fans to squidge and wiggle inside them! The ragtag crew in the Mortal Kombat Online MKOmmunity represent only the tip of the iceberg, the coolest and most handsome fans who've flocked to Mortal Kombat in the last few years.

The continued success of the series is a testament to the diehard loyalty of its fans, old and new. Mortal Kombat has always had a sympathetic ear toward the fanbase, incorporating some of our ideas and rumors into the very games themselves! MK and MKO more than anyone knows what it means to be thankful for the fans (most of the time)!

#8 Music & Soundtrack
Fans of the Mortal Kombat games have long been spoiled by the tailor-made soundtracks of Dan "Toasty" Forden. The atmospheric musicman returned in 2011 to work his magic (and "toasty" cameo) in the latest game [read more], but he wasn't the only artist inspired by the warriors!

Mortal Kombat has a long and interesting history with music outside the games. From The Immortals' classic (infamous) concept album and single, to the borrowed music of the movies, music has made fans of many. Songs Inspired by the Warriors took MK back to the pop-alternative masses, uniting characters like Reptile with artists like Skrillex in an audio-concept fusion.

#7 Return to Live-Action
Granted, this step hasn't come without controversy, resulting in a wide variety of perspectives, not all of them good. Even so, however you slice it, the demand for a return to movies has been there since the 1997 sequel flopped, and we're thankful Mortal Kombat is getting another run.