Three experts - zero nonsense. Start your speculation engines! NetherRealm Studio has released a cryptic live-action trailer to their YouTube channel, asking the question: "Three new reasons to Fight?" Other powers may be at work - but who they are is yet to be revealed in the 37 second video:

It's all about going "Beyond Kombat" - past the fighters and fatalities, and onto...? A safe bet could be behind the scenes of the hit 2015 fighter: Mortal Kombat X.

During the course of pre-release coverage we were given inside glimpses of sound and character development, motion capture, full motion video, downloadable content, international localization & promotional merchandise. With the introduction of the Kombat Kast and "community specialist[s]" the cult of personality has certainly become a large component in the extended promotional lifespan of the game.

If three experts will give fans a reason to fight, however, we may speculate it's more about being in front of the game screen. Fans playing Mortal Kombat X online have already had at least one streamed opportunity to hunt developers - a challenge that spurs players on to obtain a special gamertag kard and achievement for beating NetherRealm staff.

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