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Cinder Posts Three MK: Armageddon Loading Screens! (9/29/06)

Cinder, from the official Midway Boards, has posted yet another set of loading screens from MK: Armageddon! These screens feature a few characters we have yet to see in the versus sceenshots that have been released thus far:

MK: Armageddon Hidden Menu Updated With Reiko Art!

The latest update of the hidden menu of the official MK: Armageddon website brings the fans a concept art of one of MK4's returning characters, the controversial Reiko!

EXCLUSIVE - Seven MK Armageddon Loading Screens Released!

There has been a definite drought of information regarding Mortal Kombat: Armageddon recently; however, our friends over at Midway know that interest in new information is strong. To that end, to give us a bit of a teaser as to what to expect, they've released to us seven exclusive load screen images! These loading screen images features grudge matches made popular in the games (and one from the movies!); they show Johnny Cage and Goro, Cyrax and Sektor, Kitana and Mileena, Reiko and Shao Kahn, two images of Sub-Zero and Scorpion, and Liu Kang (in zombie form) and Shang Tsung!

EXCLUSIVE: Two New MK: Armageddon Screenshots Released!

Midway has come through for the fans again! This time, they have released two screenshots from the upcoming Mortal Kombat: Armageddon that have not been seen anywhere else! One of the screenshots features a confrontation hinted at even as far back as Mortal Kombat 4; in it, Reiko sends Shao Kahn flying with an uppercut in MK4's Prison stage. In the other screenshot, Sheeva can be seen throwing one of her fireballs towards Fujin, while in the Subway stage from Mortal Kombat 3.

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