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Super Power Beat Down: White Ranger vs Scorpion

Throughout the month of August you voted - now the verdict is in! Super Power Beat Down realizes the ultimate martial arts fantasy battle in live-action when Scorpion takes on the legendary White Ranger!

Debating in favour of the ninja spectre is celebrity guest and voice of Stryker (Mortal Kombat 2011): Matthew Mercer. In the white corner with a hue of green is the man who made the White Ranger famous: Jason David Frank. Both have their thoughts, we have ours. Check out the video before scrolling down if you don't want to be spoiled!

Scorpion Battles White Ranger in Super Beat Down

Everybody's favourite ninja from Hell is set to star in the next instalment of live-action web series: Super Power Beat Down! The Machinima affiliate show pits super powered pop culture icons against one another in a fan debated arena.

Hosted by Marisha Ray, the web show packs its real punch with live-action performances of the super powered battles. Scorpion will find himself going toe-to-toe with a less common fantasy fight adversary in the form of the original White Ranger! SPBD have released previews of the Mortal Kombat and Power Rangers adversaries via their production Facebook:

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