From the humble beginnings of a small handful of artists and programmers -- Mortal Kombat has grown into a multimedia goliath built by hundreds! This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the game that started it all - and nostalgic fans might be pleased to know the developers of the iconic original games still get together from time to time!

"Our regular Mortal Kombat 1-2-3 team reunion dinner.
Next time we gotta get Dan Forden & John Vogel to join us.

Series co-creator Ed Boon shared a photograph of the regular reunion a fortnight ago, dining with several faces familiar to long time fans [left to right]: Tony Goskie (MKII & MK3 Graphics), Dave Michicich (MK3 Graphics), Steve Beran (MK3 Graphics & Fallen Elder God) and John Tobias (Co-Creator)!

Boon noted the absence of series stalwarts Dan "Toasty" Forden (Music) and John Vogel (Graphics), whose contributions date back to the very first ">Mortal Kombat!

Speaking about the assembly of the original team in an interview with MK Online, John Tobias explained: "I approached Ed Boon, who was programming a football game called Super High Impact, and he was totally up for it. Dan Forden worked with Ed on that and came on board to do music and FX. John Vogel came on a portion of the way through between his other projects to help out on the backgrounds."

The legacy of their iconic work continues to have a last impact on the series a quarter of a century later! Most recently,Storm Collectibles revealed a range of new action figures based on the original games! They even offered a Comic Con Exclusive based on Noob Saibot - character named for the two series co-creators!

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