We all remember it. A mob of children - incited to flood the streets of a major metropolitan district by a lone, screaming boy. Mortal Monday was upon us, bringing the original Mortal Kombat to home systems for the first time. What was really up with that kid? Cinemassacre ponders the topic in their latest video. Watch it below:

- Mortal Monday TV Spot (German)
- MK II Commercial Spot Extended
- Mortal Kombat 3 Commercial Spot
- UMK3/MKT Commercial Spot
- Mortal Kombat X Commercial Spot
- The Immortals - Techno Syndrome

As many of us will attest: you cannot discuss MK in this world without somebody shouting it back at you. Usually directly into your eyeballs. Is this response a vestigial race-memory buried deep within all human epigenes -- or a matter of more recent nature over nurture, learned to us by mysterious Immortals? The real answer may be found echoing in volumes of seemingly disparate texts: 'This is the nineties.' If you aren't hypercolor and in somebody's face - you're on the train to Nowheresville, man.

Cinemassacre don't claim to have the answers, and neither do we, but James "AVGN" Rolfe presents some interesting (and funny) theories in the video.

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We don't know who the "Mortal Kombat Kid" is, ("Morty Monday" is one possible alias we've just made up), but if you're out there and you see this - we'd like to hear from you!

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