It's been a rough ride for Mortal Kombat fans dedicated to Nintendo home consoles. From game 1, Nintendo fans have more often than not had the short end of the kombat stick. In 2012, Gameinformer ran a comparison of 16-bit era games, highlighting the steep superiority of the bloody Sega versions of MK. If for some reason you've still wanted to revisit those bloodless days -- don't hold your breath!

Series co-creator Ed Boon knocked out hopes for a Wii U Virtual Console rerelease, describing the odds as a definitive: "0.0%". [That, or 0.0% was his expression when anyone showed any interest in Nintendo ports.]

Fortunately, fans have plenty of ways to get their hands on the classics! Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection bundles versions of the first three games (including Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3), available digitally through PlayStation, Xbox & PC platforms.

Warner Brothers certainly haven't shunned the Nintendo through all this. Injustice: Gods Among Us keeps the spirit of kombat alive through big action, DC superhero brawls. In 2011, Boon also expressed NetherRealm's interest in exploring the unique Wii U controls with Mortal Kombat [original story]:

When thinking about the Wii U and controller, I would like to think we will do something innovative and cool. We are all very excited. Whenever there is new hardware we start to think on a bigger scale. When you see that screen and controller in there, to me things start connecting in terms of what we can do with our game, enhancing the experience.

Hope springs eternal for the cancelled Mortal Kombat HD remake, with rare behind-the-scenes photos freshly leaked. Register to find and discuss more stories like these in the 2D Kombat Klassics forum!