Looks like the folks over at GameSpot have posted another 3 images from Ultimate Mortal Kombat, the combination of Ultimate MK3 and Puzzle Kombat to be released laster this year on the Nintendo DS. Judging from the first screenshot, which appears to be the main menu and boasts the new logo for Ultimate MK on the top screen as well as for the classic UMK3 and Puzzle Kombat on the bottom screen, you'll most likely be able to use the DS's stylus to select which game you want to load. As noted before, with Puzzle Kombat, the fights with the characters take place on the stop screen so as to not get in the way of the blocks. As for UMK3 itself, it doesn't appear that the game will be able to make much use of the top screen (other than showing the character's bios as you highlight them on the select screen, as noted previously). Here are the images:
To browse through the rest of the images, click here. Our big thanks go to for the News Lead on this.