GameSpot has reviewed the Xbox 360 version of Ultimate MK3, which still remains a fan favorite amongst many long-time MK fans. Really, really good news for MK fans: According to the review, this isn't merely emulation as was seen in the Midway Arcade Treasures games. They have actually improved upon the original:
...The sound is actually better than it was in the arcade version. The developers must have gone back to the original source files for all of the music and sound effects, because there's a clarity to them that simply isn't in the original game. There's some great music in UMK3, and it's nice to be able to hear it at full fidelity.

As well, since the game works both online and offline, it goes into various modes for online play:

Online, you're given two different modes. The one-on-one fight can be played as a ranked or unranked game. There's also an unranked-only mode called versus challenger, which is similar to the quarter mode in Street Fighter II. Up to four players can connect to the same game and wait their turn in a "winner stays"-style set of matches. The two players not participating in the fight can watch the action. Network performance in a four-player match, whether participating or spectating, seems to be about on par with the two-player matches.

However, there is one issue that will still bug a lot of players (although a patch for this may be a possibility at some point). The hidden characters - Classic Sub-Zero, Mileena, and Ermac - don't seem to stay unlocked once you release them. MKD/MKA seem to have the right idea for accessing these unlockable characters online, so hopefully this train of thought will be applied to UMK3 online in the near future.

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