Mortal Kombat's co-creator and former member of the MK Team, John Tobias, has been updating his Twitter with many rare Concept Art illustrations that have never been released to the public before.

These illustrations include original cut-characters, art work and designs for the characters of the first Mortal Kombat games as well as new information concerning their origins, backgrounds, names, and more! Most of his pictures haven't been seen in almost 20 years since they were created. His updates also include Motaro's MK3 puppet, the "very first token dropped in an TSQ MK machine", a picture in the set of the first MK film in 1994, Tony Marquez as MK3 Kung Lao (Bret Hart graffiti in the wall of that picture), and more.

Each updated picture contains interesting additional commentary by John Tobias which you can read, view, and support by visiting his Twitter Images Section. This is indeed a lovely and exciting treat for the most ardent MK fans. Thank you John!

Meanwhile, Mortal Kombat's Official Facebook has updated with a couple of pictures of their New MK Standups featuring Mortal Kombat's (2011) Raiden, Sonya Blade, Goro, Scorpion, Ermac, Kitana, Smoke and Sub-Zero. You can share your comments about these big standups and read the hilarious posts of other fans by checking their Image section in Facebook.

Finally, Curt Chiarelli, the artist who build the original Goro sculpture for MK1 (as confirmed by John Tobias himself in one of his twitter comments), has updated his Deviantart page featuring two images of the original clay sculpture of said statue. You can read about these pictures by visiting his Deviantart Gallery section.

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