Mortal Kombat 2 Tier List 2020 (Detailed)
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Mortal Kombat 2 Tier List 2020 (Detailed)
06/06/2020 01:08 PM EST

1.Jax-Can beat anyone in the right hands even mileena is no match for him all she can do is surprise roll and hope it hits for some combo damage

2.Mileena-Easily beats kang and anyone else but jax super top tier mileena is mk 2s Sagat from ST street fighter 2

3.Liu Kang-Owns raiden and kung lao and can spam Kitana really bad and kitand 5th on the tier list

4.Kung Lao-Is a very hard character to master but in the hands of an elite player is super pesky and tough to beat even for mileena and jax.

5.Kitana-Her damage and combo setups are deadly has a great sweep and anti air normals

6.shang tsung-owns raiden all you have to do is walk all the way in the corner vs raiden to stop his teleport spam

7.Raiden-better then all the ninjas

8.Baraka-Great damage and anti air and jump kicks BETTER then all the ninjas

9.Scorpion-Best ninja character but gets owned badly vs the top 3 characters esp liu kang all liu has to do is low toe

10.Sub Zero-Can go even with kang and can cause problems for baraka more so then scorp can but has more trouble then scorp vs kung lao and raiden

11.Johnny cage-semi decent anti air game and fast sweeeps with good CQC tactics

12.Reptile-Pure crap cant beat anyone

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