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RE: Rank previous MK games
02/26/2020 09:44 AM EST

MY rank (best to worst):

MK9 - The best decision ever. Remade everything.

Deception: Best of his generation, wonderful Konquest and an amazing roster.


UMK3: Ahhhh the memories... i still have my SNES cartridge. Good roster and amazing gameplay.

Deadly Alliance: I remember my hype when this one came out. Good roster and amazing game modes.

MK2: I love the SNES version and i think the game made a revolution at his time.

MK3: I still have my Sega Genesis copy. Solid gameplay and a lot of nostalgia.

MKT: Good roster and the final 2D version. I like a lot.

MK1: The beginning. I like the Sega CD version most.

Armageddon: Yes, the konquest mode is very good, the roster is very big, but i don ́t really like this one a lot.

MK vs DC - I don ́t really like this one. WTF they had that idea?

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