Another day, another set of loading screens from Cinder. The official Midway Boards administrator has posted yet more images featuring characters from the upcoming game, MK: Armageddon!

In the latest images, we see two of the playable god characters preparing to battle in the currently unnamed, unconfirmed forest stage. Raiden, complete with his MK: Deception attire prepares to battle Earthrealm's appointed protector, Fujin.

Noob Saibot and Smoke preparing to fight in what appears to be the Shaolin Temple from Mortal Kombat 4. Finally, the MK icon himself, Scorpion, battles the oldest returning character in the game, being absent wise, Kintaro (the arena may be The Tomb, originally from Mortal Kombat 2).

To view the threads in which thes images were originally posted, follow these links:Raiden/Fujin, Noob/Smoke, and Scorpion/Kintaro.

Thanks to forum members and for the leads on these new screens.