Continuing the trend over the passed few weeks, Cinder has posted yet another set of versus screens from MK: Armageddon!

The screen features two of the characters we have not yet seen on these officially released loading screens. Bitter rivals Jax and Kano prepare to do battle in the Wastelands arena. Notably, Kano seems to have more hair than normal simply by looking at this picture. The second features two other rivals, opposing Dragon clan leaders Kabal and Mavado preparing to battle on the Prison/Warship stage.. Finally, one of the oldest rivalries in MK history as Shaolin champion Liu Kang battles his arch nemesis, the sorcerer Shang Tsung in what may be the Living Forest.

To view the threads as originally posted on the official Midway Boards, following these links: Jax/Kano, LiuKang/ShangTsung, and Kabal/Mavado

Thanks to forum members , and for sending in these leads!