Future Mini Games
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RE: Future Mini Games
08/14/2008 09:12 PM EST
I would like to bring back Test your might and test your sight.I would also like to take The mini game they said in deadily alliance`s Krypt for quan chi,I would add that to a mini game.Quan is at a control desk where he looks at you eviliy smilling(unless your him)He then presses a button and if you match it one of your locks will be released from your leg and arm.If you didn`t guess the right one,you`ll die.simply as that lol.But back to it it`s like a remember this button and press it,if you get it right you win a prize,but this is MK so if you press the right one,you just be glad you`re not `bout to die just yet lol.
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RE: Future Mini Games
10/29/2009 12:08 AM EST
yeah phootbal wood be awesome man
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RE: Future Mini Games
12/31/2009 01:45 PM EST
Don't take me wrong ok but what about the sex games similar to God of War?
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RE: Future Mini Games
01/31/2010 11:33 PM EST
i think they should make a mini game of 4 people on some place that will end in death and its a free for all but fighting like shaolin monks but better sorta like the wrestling games your beating the crap out of somebody and say quan chi comes behind and knocks you off the tower and you fall to your death or maybe you save urself by using a special move like the spear you spear quan chi pull yourself up but if he somehows takes off the spear but your at the edge he could stomp your hands or cut em off. also tag team would be cool. also if you could create your own armies would be awesome too like lin kuei versus scorpions clan and when they breach wherever they needed to breach like sub zeros ice mountain and you have to fight through wats left of his army as a hero or villian owning his dudes but making you weaker once you get to the boss or waste your troops and simply wait for all of em to diewowtonguefurioussleep
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RE: Future Mini Games
04/29/2010 12:36 AM EST
With the recent hints being thrown out on twitter from Boon I thought about a mini game using the "Eye" toy camera/PS Move. A Test Your Reflex mode. Basically using the eye toy & move you have to basically either dodge,block or counter oncoming objects such as skulls,weapons,rocks,fireballs,ice balls and other magic attacks. Just like the old test your might...each time you go into this mode it would become more difficult. In that case (that case being classic Test Your Might) it was the material the character needed to break...in this mode it would be speed,cooridination and reflex. Basically each mode the objects are more dangerous and the number of them coming at you would increase...as you progress in level the speed of the objects coming at you will get faster also.
A good example of this kind of training in martial arts is in the Jackie Chan movie "Big Brawl" when his uncle/teacher uses I think they were tennis balls or rubber balls to challenge his reflexes and agility. EDIT: Thought I would edit in the fact that it might even be possible to do this using sixasis controllers as well. The Eye and Move may not be for everyone so the mode should be controller compatible too.
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RE: *STICKIED* Future Mini Games - Updated March 21 2008 [Happy Late New Year]
11/27/2010 04:25 PM EST
How about somethin like th total war series?You know an rts where you could use shao kahn's army or other armies created for this game like the lin kuei,shirai ryu,Elder gods(non playable like the senate in rome total war),and each army has a character that is unlockable at a certain time in the story mode,Like subby for lin kuei,scorpion for shurai ryu,and shao kahn,shang stung,goro,and motaro for sha kahn's army.And when each hero character shows up they have an army with them already like in Medieval Total War.
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RE: *STICKIED* Future Mini Games - Updated March 21 2008 [Happy Late New Year]
11/28/2010 12:15 AM EST
For a mini game i'd rather see chess kombat come back or a brand new mini game called Test Your Agility. Instead of smashing different types of wood or seeking the dragon medillion in a cup, you have to outrun A horde of Centurains. The mini fatality if captured by the horde is you (the player) will be trampled. Once trampled, its gonna effect off your health in the main game. You lose 15% of health. Thats all I have for today.
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RE: Future Mini Games
08/01/2011 02:53 PM EST
A Super Smash Bros like Mortal Kombat game! grin
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RE: Future Mini Games
12/29/2011 02:19 PM EST
Ok, think of it as an graphic improved V.S. mode similar to MK:SM with bigger (2floors) arena's, weapons and items that have different effects.

lets say every character begins with 3 kredits and 150% of health. when that character comes close to 20% it can be finished, if so it looses 1 kredit. (instead of SSB where your character gets lighter in weight it gets heavier so slower, this should give u the time to finish him/her off) *or revive him/her*

*There are 3 ways to FINISH of a character,
1. fatality.
2. brutality.
3. throw/ pop it off stage. u can climb back on stage but it gets harder as your health gets lower (bc of the weight)

*Stage fatality's,
Are not in every level. also is there no need to be weakened to die by an stage fatality. * only by throw/ uppercut or roundhouse kick

There is also a way to REVIVE someone by performing a Friend-ship.
this is always possible but only comes in handy if its your team player. so if you see your team player is weakened u can help him by performing an friend-ship. (the more friend-ships is used on u , the less % of health comes back)

Babality: turns u in a baby, as a baby u can ́t fight but only move.
(see how your team mates get owned or own tongue)

Ok, here the different modes u can choose from,

- Battle royal (win by kills/points) *depends what your settings are*
- King of the hill (who survives wins)
- Tag-team battle (2 vs 2),
- JUGGLE mode (the player with the highest juggles wins)
- Handicap (1 vs 2, 1 vs 3, 3 vs 1, 2 vs 3)

-set-blood 1-10 (1= almost no blood) 10= outrages splashes of blood)
-set- game play speed (slow-normal-fast)
-enable/disable items
-set- difficulty *set-A.I (example, wake up attacks-(medium), punish-(hard)
-set how many points/kills
-set-wind direction (where the wind blows)
-set-disaster (choose what disaster u want while playing that stage) on/off

(all weapons that are used in mk9) and traps that can be placed around the stage.

-Extra JUGGLE recovery (gives you less recovery on your moves so u can paste moves that normally wouldn't)
-Invincibility (makes you invincible for 5 sec.)
-Invisible (makes u invisible for 5 sec.)
-Speed x2 (makes u twice as fast)
-EX bar (make your specials enhanced (x3)
-Health orbs (give health)

Dragon koins:
can be earned by winning. with these koins you can,

- improve your weapon
* (example, Scorpion improves the length of his spear)
- un-lock scrolls (these scrolls tell some back story about that specific characters.
* (example, Scorpion unlocks scroll, this scroll says something about his death that wasn't explained before)

when dan fordan pops up and ure in time to press up + start u get 50% health boost.

stages: (when pressing start u get klassic music)
there are so many good stages so i leave this open.

controls: (ps)
- Front punch= square * grab while holding R2
- Back punch= triangle * uppercut while holding R2
- Kick= circle * round-house kick while holding R2
- Jump= X
- Block= R1 * + X = evade
- Focus= L1
- Dash= R3
- Grab= R2 + square * Drop weapon/ item/ grab= R2 + D-pad (down)
- Specials moves= L2 * while holding L2 + square/ triangle/ circle
- Fatality= R2 + D-pad (right)
- Brutality= R2 + D-pad (left)
- Friend ship R2 + D-pad (up)
-Taunts= select * can be canceled

(did 7 characters for example)

- Scorpion * specials
1. come here= L2 + square
2. tele-port= L2 + triangle
3. demon fire= L2 + circle

- Sub zero* specials
1. freeze= L2 + square
2. ice clone= L2 + triangle
3. slide= L2 + circle

- Kitana * specials
1. fan throw= L2 + square
2. fan wave= L2 + triangle
3. square Wave Punch= L2 + circle

- Jax * specials
1. superman punch= L2 + square
2. gotcha grab= L2 + triangle
3. ground pound= L2 + circle (mid range)

- Johnny cage * specials
1. green orb= L2 + square
2. nut punch= L2 + triangle
3. shadow kick= L2 + circle

-Sonya * specials
1. ring toss= L2 + square
2. kiss= L2 + triangle
3. bicycle kick= L2 + circle

it would be fun if u could enter cheats before the fights starts like in mk9. cheats for big head mode, no jump mode, no block mode, no special mode... etc. gringrin
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RE: Future Mini Games
02/15/2012 07:18 PM EST
what about a catapult-type launching mechanism that propels your character and you have to press buttons correctly to keep bouncing further & further, while avoiding or fighting off opponents. This mini-game mode would be called......


on a more serious note, i absolutely loved the chess kombat and wished it had been included in MKA. I also liked the endurance mode, and the motor kombat was a great idea just poorly implemented with far too few characters, maps & lacked depth and complexity.
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RE: Future Mini Games
04/17/2012 05:10 PM EST
test your height. choose 1 of the 3 shokan characters and jump as high as possible or as far as possible. characters to select from kintaro/goro/sheeva.

test your flight choose from the 4 characters. nitara/onaga/ermac/sindel. fly and hover through various obstacles or just have a battle within the sky using various projectiles. like screams,blood balls,fire,soul projectiles.

test your bite choose from 4 characters and see who can make more splatter on the screen. reptile/baraka/mileena/nitara.

test your fight choose from the current mk characters in a mini size rumble. similar to smash brothers.

test your projectile. choose from any mk character and perform various projectile objectives. like accuracy,range,speed,damage,height,timing.

test your animality/creaturality/monsterality. choose from the current mk characters in a mini size rumble. similar to smash brothers. but instead of the fighters you have animals/creatures/monsters. scorpion is a scorpion,nitara is a bat, reptile is a snake,liukang is a dragon,quan chi is a skeleton, so on.

these are just a few ideas.smile
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RE: Future Mini Games
05/02/2014 06:47 PM EST
It's baaackk.

Anyway, I found Chess Combat, while insane, also fun, maybe another board game MK version?

*Imagines MK Shoots and ladders*

*Actually requests NS to do it*
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RE: Future Mini Games
06/03/2014 04:24 PM EST
I'd love to see MK Chess return or a similar strategy mode.
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RE: Future Mini Games
06/05/2014 04:03 AM EST
Chess was their best mini-game. It'd be awesome if there was something similar to it now.

-Courtesy of TheCypher-