In his recent appearance on the GDC Giant Bomb Livestream; series co-creator Ed Boon discussed the concept of a full HD remake of iconic sequel: Mortal Kombat II.

Self-professed "huge fans" Dan Ryckert & Andrew Reiner have revisited the first major MKII video game remake: 2005 action-adventure - Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks. This time; Game Informer: Replay tackles the co-op mode that sees eponymous monks Liu Kang & Kung Lao navigate the Outworld threat simultaneously. Watch below:

Super Replay Shaolin Monks: Watch Episode 01, 02

Wearing its flaws for everyone to see; Shaolin Monks had to weather a storm of sometimes harsh fan criticism in 2005. Remaking and embellishing Mortal Kombat's franchise high point was a more daring feat a decade before the market became massively stuffed with remakes and do-overs. Alterations in perceived characterization and plot undermined what was ultimately an incredibly fun experience!

The third genre spin-off after Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero (1997) and Special Forces (2000): Shaolin Monks Is arguably the most successful. Navigational backtracking belies just how much content is packed in to the hugely referential game -- which included some truly mind boggling extras, like the impossibly hidden Survival Mode and playable versions of Mortal Kombat II [where available].

By far the most memorable quality of Shaolin Monks is its adaptation of classic Kombat gameplay. Sandbox roaming was exciting enough, but the easy-to-master appropriation of classic moves ensured a fun time, every time. Launching effortlessly into flying kicks and combos was cool, but nothing tops the glory of tossing Kung Lao's hat into an enclosed melee with unsuspecting cannon fodder!

Co-op features added extra flavour for social gamers and was a nice touch in a game built around Mortal Kombat's all-star heroic tag team. Throw in unlockable options to play as Sub-Zero and Scorpion -- and you're onto a winner.

Check out the Game Informer: Replay(s) above and tell us what you think on the forums. Got fond memories of Shaolin Monks? Discuss the recently retro in our 3D Klassics forum!