Though MK Online is unable to provide you all with our own E3 coverage this year, we are still dedicated to bringing you the latest MK news to come out of the convention. That being said, onward to said news.

After the second official day of E3, the first for Midway, IGN has revealed their hands-on preview of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe! Though no new gameplay footage or images were revealed as of yet, there were some new details released involving several aspects of the game including fatalities, select screen and more on pro moves.

Today was my first chance to actually play this game, and I have to say it actually feels pretty good. Trailers and screens had made the gameplay look a little stiff in my opinion, but once I got the controller and started darting around the screen and pulling off combos with the D-pad, everything flowed nicely. The character select screen had 20 slots -- ten red, ten blue -- and had three characters available for each franchise. Representing Mortal Kombat was Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Sonya; while Superman, Batman, and Flash made up the DC side.

It seems that every special move may have a "pro" version of itself, rather than just projectiles. Only time will tell, but IGN did see another pro move from Sonya in action:

Now, every move you have has a variation of itself called a Pro-Move. What happens is you'll pull off Sonya's handstand where she grabs a dude with her legs and slams him to the ground. If you pull this move off and hit a specific button at a specific time, Sonya will slam the opponent to the ground and his body'll pop back up so that she can link together some more shots. It might not sound like much, but these moves -- which in typical MK fashion will need to be spread by word of mouth -- give you that extra second to dish out more pain, and that's what makes pros, right?

Fatalities, finishers that all the MK characters and DC villains will possess, do not seem all that different from the "brutalities" that the DC heroes seem to have been given. Superman's finisher seemed exceptionally brutal for something that was designed "not to kill":

I got to see the difference between the moves today. After dropping all of his matches to Scorpion, Flash was left in a wobbly haze. Scorpion removed his mask, lit his skull on fire and spewed the flames onto the Flash, who screamed, burnt to a charred husk, and collapsed. On the flipside, Superman beat the tar out of Batman, and when it was time to finish him off, Superman's eyes began to glow, he raised his fists, and the Last Son of Krypton proceeded to pound Batman's body into the ground like a railroad spike. In real life it would've killed Batman, but I guess there's an outside chance that he'd just have every bone is his body broken.

Freefall combat was the one aspect that IGN still referred to as stiff in nature, the reviewer having abandoned his thought that the entire game was stiff. There are several other notes about the mode as well as a few others within the preview, so check it out in full.

Thanks to forum member for the lead on this story.