Another item that was released at Comic Con today was the third official trailer for Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. This trailer is a bit different from the first two, in that it is much more of a "walk through" the moves for the first eight characters revealed. Ed Boon narrates off screen as the gameplay on screen follows just about what he says.

The Playstation 3 console is the platform the gameplay in the trailer is shown on, and it is subtitled "Power of the Hero", basically another way of saying a special moves and modes tutorial. We see fights between the characters that were announced together in pairs. Superman and Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Batman, Sonya and Flash, and finally Shang Tsung and Catwoman. Many moves have been previously seen, but even more pro moves were shown. such as Superman linking together his ground smash and heat vision. Many more previously unseen specials can also be found within the trailer.

To watch the video, click here. It can be downloaded in both high res and lower res. It has a 4:16 run time.

Thanks to forum member for the lead on this story.