The folks over at IGN have really outdone themselves this time. Check out part 2 of their article, The Legends of Kombat, complete with 3 downloadable videos.

The first video explores Goro, Baraka, and the Masked Guard. Their histories and backstories throughout the MK universe are explained, as well as how they are represented in MK: Shaolin Monks. Another neat trivia fact is that John Vogel played the Masked Guard in MK1!

The next video deals with Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, and Kano. This one shows a little bit of rivalry between Johnny Cage and Kung Lao which may sound surprising, but it's really well done here. It also explains that Sonya and Kano are chained up in a level in the game, and it's possible to free them. If you free Kano, you have a boss battle with him.

The last video features Sub-Zero, Shang Tsung, and Reptile. This video shows that the rivalry between Sub-Zero and Scorpion is going on strong, and while they don't quite say that it's the younger Sub-Zero, they do show that he has a scar in a scene where he announces that he is going to the Netherealm to battle Scorpion. (More than likely, both of the Sub-Zero brothers will appear in the game.) They also key moments in MK history such as Shang Tsung going from old to young, and they showcase the "Acid Snake" boss battle with Reptile.

All the videos have commentary from official MKSM team members such as Ed Boon, John Vogel, and Shaun Himmerick, and have video footage from the game mixed in as well. To read the article in its entirety and download the videos, click here. Thanks to MK Online forum member redsoul for the word on this update!