Mileena - Pink or Purple?
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RE: Mileena - Pink or Purple?
09/11/2017 12:47 AM EST
PURPLE! grin
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RE: Mileena - Pink or Purple?
02/22/2018 08:25 AM EST
Mileena's outfits have mostly been some shade of pink to purple in all the games but below are the basic colors her outfit has been when using a color mixer from Photoshop or Painter. Using the RGB scale for pink of 255,192,203 it never matched but playing around with other shades of pink and purple below are the actual colors it came up with when using the color dabber.

To be 100% more accurate in color Mileena in MKII is a magenta color. She isn't really pink but the slightly next hue after that. 255,0,255

In UMK3 and MK Gold she is definitely more violet than purple. He color is a darker version of blue and violet is more blue than purple. 238,130,238

In all the 3D games she appeared in from Deception to MKX games Mileena is definitely wearing a pink colored outfit. In MKX and MKXL she is also wearing a pink toned outfit even though the pink is slightly faded.

In Mortal Kombat Annihilation Mileena is also wearing a pink colored version of Kitana's costume.

In MK Legacy II Mileena is wearing a violet colored outfit and the leather belt and leather leg straps are purple.
238,130,238 = violet
128,0,128 = purple
717313=Rain Can Be Found In The Graveyard