The latest issue of Game Informer (Issue 142/Feb. 2005) has within it a list of the Top 50 games of 2004, and Mortal Kombat: Deception made it to that list. The games weren't ranked, so all fifty of them have equal weight. From the article:
Not only does Deception refine and improve the fighting engine introduced in Deadly Alliance, it also adds online play and a bucket of additional features, such as an MK version of chess and a puzzle game. An improved training mode is also offered in the form of Konquest mode. With so many different ways to play, a ton of unlockables, and the rock solid combat at its core, no other fighting game around is as fully stacked as Deception.

Additionally, they're having a contest on their website where you can win all fifty of them. To register for the contest, click here.

But it doesn't end there – there were two more lists in this mag, Top 10 Developers and Top 10 Publishers. Their #10 Developer was Midway (Chicago), and the #7 Publisher was Midway as a whole. So congratulations to the folks over at Midway on even more victories! Thanks go to MK Online's own The_Purple_Bunny for the word on this update.