The second installment of Mortal Monday has come upon us; featuring everyone's favorite clown prince of crime, the Joker! In this video, the aforementioned is truly the star as this showcases both his combat prowess and several scenes from the upcoming game's story mode.

We begin the video with the Mortal Kombat characters discussing the Joker, not knowing exactly who he is. He apparently got the best of Kano, much to the annoyance of Shang Tsung. Later, Scorpion appears to be searching for Kitana when Joker makes a mockery of the situation and defeats him in combat. Joker is then joined by fellow DC alumni Deathstroke in confronting Sonya and Kano. He promptly tricks her with a joke flower, and afterward seems to be overtaken by "Rage" as his eyes begin glowing green. For those wondering why the Joker's true character, that of an individual who does not care for the fate of the world and one that wishes chaos on the world, now is the time we see this. After defeating Deathstroke, he reveals he plans to test his unbeaten streak against his arch-rival, Batman.

We apologize for the tardiness in regards to the posting of this news lead. Thanks to everyone who sent in information regarding it.