The official MK: Armageddon website has been updated in the form of two new pieces of artwork available on the site's hidden menu. First, we take an indepth look at everyone's favourite forgotten cop, Stryker!

In this artwork, we are shown what thoughts went into the redesign of Stryker's primary costume. The rather clear goal was to give Stryker a "cooler" appearance than he had in Mortal Kombat 3, which is signified by the appearance of his original MK3 costume in the lower right portion of the concept. Changes and additions to Stryker include a tone figure, gloves, boots, kneepads, supply pouches, comm link headset and the switch from a cap/nightstick combination to the use of Kabar knives and bandana.

The second image is another concept art from the mini-game Motor Kombat.

Here we see a higher resolution screenshot of the Ice Arena featured in many previous updates. The town can be seen clearly here as Raiden, whose cart is more like a hovercraft infused with the power of lightning, leads Sub-Zero around the track.

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Thanks to forum members and for sending in these leads!