During the 2008 Midway Gamer's Day event, the official site for the upcoming game was launched. As revealed by the Sub-Zero vs. Batman promo image, the site is titled http://www.worldscollide.com/ and currently features the said image as its background. Lighting and thunder, accompanied by ambient music is present as well.

Obviously, the site does not offer much at this time but we should expect media to be added to this site at various points throughout the year, leading up to the release of the game. Currently, one can download the first official trailer as well as the first official image, and sign up to be notified when updates occur.

Much like MK: Armageddon's official site, this site too offers a "secret menu" of sorts. You gain access to this menu by clicking on Sub-Zero's eye, thus the name of this menu is "Eye of the Storm". At this time, the page is occupied by 16 question mark boxes. If this menu functions as its predecessor, content will be added into the slots at some point. When this occurs, we will of course provide updates, so keep a watchful eye out for this.