08/30/2005 04:15 PM (UTC)
I mean look at the pictures queve posted u think that version of sonya is hot than your all bichis!!!grinconfusedwowfuriousglasses
08/30/2005 04:25 PM (UTC)
I wonder what Kano's plasma blades will look like in today's graphics . . .
08/30/2005 04:39 PM (UTC)
scorpking Wrote:
Your all eds come on kano looks very ugly as always ok, and if you people with no mortal kombat taste say 1 more bad thing about sonya I'll hunt you down personaly!!!grinconfusedwowfurioussleepsleep>

Please shut up. smile
08/30/2005 04:47 PM (UTC)
Well, Im not a big fan of Kano, and I used to be a big Sonya fan, but am no longer.

I really liked OSnya in MK1-MKT. I thought she looked best in MK3.
To me, the Sonya render is absolutely awful. in MK,1 MK3 and MK4, Sonya looked feminine, yet tough. Then in MK:DA, she had a very manly face. They went too overboard with the tough look and made her look like a man in a blonde wig.
I expected they would go back to Sonya's previous look for MK:SM. But no, they have ruined her yet again. She is too masculine. Her face looks weird. And the belly button piercing is jsut a no-no. Doesnt suit her. And what happened to her trade mark Green colour. The brown and black looks far too bland, IMO, and un-Sonya. On the whole, she jsut looks too bland, especially compared to how she has looked in the past. But hey thats jsut my opinion.

They're ruining the character by messing up on the faces in this game. Liu Kangs face looks strange to me too.

Kano doesnt look much different from his previous appearances either. Seems they have spent more time and effort on the characters who are gonna have a bigger role.
08/30/2005 05:07 PM (UTC)
Nice. They look at least partly painted to me. Anyone else think so?
08/30/2005 05:52 PM (UTC)
justycist Wrote:
I thought she was horrible in DA. They should go back to the mk4 look....

I took a shot at editing her:

Actually, that looks quite nice. You see more of her eyes and less cheeks. I like it, plus, she is smiling, makes her face look younger.

I like it.

I still think they should redo her render and Kung laos, only the face.
About Me

08/31/2005 05:51 PM (UTC)
She looks better that Kitana. Kitana doesn't look that great in this game and she has make up on. Sonya's face is too masculine and Kitana's is too round..
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